Peripheral Singleness




Peripheral Singleness

Purpose: To enhance the awareness of binocular peripheral single vision and extend it to the central area

Apparatus: Large white wall, red-green lenses, four peripheral targets (four pencils)


1. When the “Large Field Lustre” activity has been accomplished, tape four pencils to the wall, peripheral to a blank central area.

2. One pencil is to be 30″ above the central fixation, another 30″ to the right, and one 30″ to the left.

3. To begin, patient is to strand 16″ from the wall and look at the center of the wall while wearing red-green glasses.

4. Gradually he is to move away from the wall while looking at the central area, maintaining color mixing (lustre) and awareness of singleness of each pencil.

5. Should the pencils appear double, patient immediately moves closer to where they are again single.

6. It may be necessary to begin under relatively dim room illumination, and gradually increase the room illumination

7. High plus lenses for blur and reduced contour discrimination may be used inititally.

Aspects to be Emphasized:

1. Awareness of color mixing.

2. Awareness of peripheral singleness of the four pencils at increasingly further distances from the wall.

3. When singleness has been achieved out to 6′ or 7′, move the pencils a few inches closer to the center of wall and repeat the procedure from 16″.  Continue this process, placing the pencils even closer to the center of the wall.

4. The goal is to maintain singleness of the four pencils rather than try to make them single once they double.

5. Work from peripheral to central, near to far, dark to light, and blurred vision to clear, while maintaining lustre with single vision of the pencils.