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The world of Vision Rehab is big, very big. Still, vision is primarily ignored by the people who could and should be paying attention. It’s your time to join the fold, the knowing, those who understand vision dysfunction is real, and addressable through mostly inexpensive means.

The notes provided here are an introduction to concepts, a start to therapeutic intervention. You are encouraged to pursue your knowledge in this area through the many options on the market, including programming through,, and

Also, see for some accessible and affordable options to start your learning immediately.

Training Library:

These quick links will get you started immediately. Browse, explore, download, try. More content is added and updated all the time. You can use the search box, or Tags to find items of particular interest.

Professional Education / CE Credits – Full, structured, remote programming to move your practice to the next level in a serious way, complete with COPE approved CE.

The Chair of Vision – Notes on how vision works.

Clinical Notes – Myriad notes and ideas around clinical practice, how to approach vision therapy,

Visual Signal Acquisition – Activities and notes relating to control of the eyes and eye movements on. This is the brain controlling the eyes to achieve specific targeting goals.

Visual Signal Processing – Activities and notes relating to the neural processing of imagery, from memory, to reading and spatial awareness, to motor planning.

Fine Motor / Mid-motor – Activities and notes on visual guidance for fine movements of fingers and arms, including writing and manipulation of play objects.

Gross Motor & Vestibular – Somatosensory, visual, and vestibular components give rise to the ‘chair of vision’. These elements must be strong, experienced, and balanced. These activities address the very foundations our somatosensory and vestibular inputs to vision.

Learning & Reading – Articles and activities primarily targeting reading, learning, child behaviour and development.

Visual Spatial – Activities and notes regarding appreciation of both central targets and peripheral targets, and our sense of self in space.


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