Quick Wink




Quick Wink

Purpose: To show how to resolve detail by using background and objects, making use of peripheral vision

Apparatus: Letter chart or calendar


1. The patient is instructed to look toward the letters on the chart (or other objects), instead of at the letters (or objects), and be aware at all times of the background behind them.

2. The patient is told to start to inhale quickly, block the intake and blink his lids without taking his eyes from the target.

3. The patient is then to relax.

4. He is again to breathe normally and call the smallest line of letters he is able to see, one at a time, saying “blank” for any letter he cannot see.

Aspects to be Emphasized:

1. The “Quick Wink” is used when the desire to wink cannot be avoided, or when the target fades.  It is used in conjunction with the “Deep Wink” activity, or when looking toward any object during the course of the day.

2. Be sure to emphasize the first item listed under “Method.”