Red and Green Balls on String




Red and Green Balls on String

Purpose: To develop awareness of simultaneous central binocular vision with varying gravitational and postural demands

Apparatus: A red ball on 18″ long green string, a green ball on an 18″ long red string, red and green lenses (all materials supplied)


1. Wearing the red-green lenses, the patient is to bend over while holding the loose ends of the strings to his chin.

2. He is to look at the balls, observing the color of each, as they are held steady.

3. While concentrating on the balls and holding them steady, he is to slowly rotate his head.  Observe the color of the balls.

4. Repeat Step 3, rotating at the waist instead of at the neck.

5. While concentrating on the balls and holding head and body still, rotate them slowly, observing the color.

6. Wind up the balls by twisting the strings.  Release the balls so that they begin to unwind. Concentrate first upon one ball, then upon the other, while maintaining peripheral awareness of the second ball and its color as it unwinds and then rewinds itself.

Aspects to be Emphasized:

1. Ability to see the red and green of the strings and the balls during various postural shifts of neck and waist and while rotating balls.

2. Ability to report color changes of strings and balls.

3. Ability to relate color changes to postural changes.