Reading Through Blur




Reading Through Blur

Purpose: To extend ranges of identification

Apparatus: Reading material one or two grade levels below present reading level, training lenses (supplied), a plug flasher


1. Reading material is held at the farthest distance at which it can still be read through the training lens.  The print should be blurred but readable at this distance.

2. The reading material should be propped on a table at the reading level.

3. Room should be totally dark with lamp placed so light falls on target.

4. Training lens holder is placed in front of eyes.

5. Home assistant turns light on.  Patient reads for five seconds.  Assistant turns light off for five seconds, then on for five seconds, etc. Also, use flasher if available.  As another alternative, have patient open and close eyes at command.  Use all ways for variety.

6. Patient strives to clear blurred print while light is on (or eyes are open), relax while light is off (or eyes are closed).

7. When print is clear, he is to move back a few inches so print is again somewhat blurred.  Repeat procedure.

8. Record reading distance to the nearest inch.

Aspects to be Emphasized:

1. When light is off or when eyes are closed, patient should think of long distances, space, and he should relax.  If print is more blurred with light is turned on, or when eyes are open, the visual identification system is still not relaxing when not in use.

2. Sit with good posture.

3. Learn to read the blurry print without becoming upset about it.