Activity: Air Balloons

Not everyone can find a vision therapy (VT) clinic within a drivable distance (especially in Canada, and many other places in the world), that’s one of the reasons I began working on online solutions for parents a few years ago. is a resource site (and soapbox, to be sure), and it has a very broad range of articles from the very arcane and technical, to the very accessible and practical.

There is no substitute for in-house doctor-driven visual rehab through a VT doctor, but the library resources can help when none is available, and can bolster what you are already doing. The content is in a state of constant evolution, so poke around, and come back often.

Here’s a fun activity that can help to boost visual and motor skills in a most entertaining fashion. It’s from the library. No Charge (you just have to register, which is also free!).

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