Random Table Fixations




Random Table Fixations

Objects on Table–Random Fixations

Purpose: To develop accurate fixation ability within a near visual space solid

Apparatus: Table with objects on it, chair


1. Patient is to sit at the table with good posture, both feet on the floor.

2. Arrange several objects before the patient on the table in random positions.

3. Home assistant calls out objects in random sequence.

4. Patient is to locate object out of the corner of his eye (peripherally) before looking at it.  There are to be no searching eye movements.

Aspects to be Emphasized:

1. Patient is to fixate the objects accurately in one swift movement.

2. Patient is to be directly conscious of the details of each object in turn, and still be indirectly aware of the general directions and positions of the other objects on the table.

3. Maintain peripheral awareness.