Acuity Improvement – Manas




Acuity Improvement – Manas

Purpose: To improve the ability to identify objects at far

Apparatus: A letter chart (or calendar)’


Instruct patient:

1. With one eye covered, look at the top line of letters on the chart.  Slowly and with relaxed posture back away from the letters until they can no longer be identified.  Now take two additional steps further away.  Up to this point posture is to be relaxed.

2. Now clench both hands hard – HARD – HARDER.  Lean forward slightly at the waist.  Hold yourself rigid and tense, and blink rapidly. Move forward slowly until you can just barely identify the letters in the top row, no matter how blurred they may be.

3. Now relax.  Take several deep breaths and move closer to the target again.

4. Repeat the cycle of steps one and two, attempting to increase the distance from the target.

5. Repeat the entire procedure for each eye and for both eyes.

Aspects to be Emphasized:

1. Maintain relaxed posture while backing away from the target, until it is completely blurred.

2. Tighten and tense only when attempting to see the letters emerge from the blur.

3. Measure and record the maximum distance of identification from the wall chart.

4. When the maximum limit of the room is reached use the next smaller letters as the target.