Body Rock




Body Rock

Purpose: To develop additional freedoms between identification and the postural-gravitational support mechanisms

Apparatus: Calendar or Letter Chart


1. The calendar or appropriate size print is placed on a wall.

2. Patient backs as far away from calendar as he can and just barely be able to see some of the numbers, with left eye covered.

3. Patient is to face body to left side, spread feet apart, turn head toward target, then lean forward with weight on front foot.  Calendar should clear.  Rock back until target blurs.  Now rock forward again, and then back again.

4. He is to keep both feet on the floor throughout.

5. He keeps repeating until target clears at far end of body rock.

6. He then steps back further from calendar until it becomes barely readable again.  Repeat procedure.

7. He spends equal time doing body rock with each eye, but faces right when right eye is covered.

8.  Also, he faces calendar directly, with one foot forward, leaning as far forward as possible to see it clearly.  Then he is to slowly lean backward, trying to maintain clarity.  He does this with both eyes open.

Aspects to be Emphasized:

1. Maintain ocular fixation on target.

2. Maintain flexibility and grace in body movements.

3. Measure the starting and finishing distances for each eye each day.