Peripheral Ring Chart Rotation




Peripheral Ring Chart Rotation

Purpose: To develop peripheral awareness with smooth eye pursuit ability

Apparatus: Shapiro red ring target with numbers, occluder



1. The patient holds a corner of the chart (lower, right-hand corner with the right hand, and lower, left-hand corner with the left hand).

2. With one eye covered, have patient look at the center target.

3. Rotate the target in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction while counting aloud.

4. As skill improves, repeat above silently.

5. Patient should be aware of the numbers in the periphery while rotating the chart.

6. Repeat with the other eye.


1. Hold the chart and rotate as described in Phase I.  (One eye covered).

2. Patient is instructed to fixate upon the number “1” as target is rotated once, instead of the center target.  On second rotation, have patient fixate on number “2”, third rotation, “3”, etc., until all numbers have been rotated.

3. Repeat with other eye.

4. Attempt to maintain awareness of the entire chart.

5. Be aware of spatial observations in the room beyond the chart.


This is a binocular (done with two eyes) activity.

1. With anaglyph red-green glasses, over additional lenses that may be required.

2. Rotate chart as in Phases I and II above.

3. Be aware of the lustrous appearance of the red and white rings in the chart.  The print should appear as though the color of the red and white is shimmering or flickering on and off as attention is given to various aspects of the chart during the movement.

Aspects to be Emphasized:

1. With progress, attempt to clear numbers further into the periphery.

2. Move the chart closer and further; vary the distance.

3. Keep the chart rotating in a clockwise direction for approximately one minute, then change direction to counterclockwise.

4. Start by rotating the chart slowly.  As ability and skill improve, increase the speed of the rotations.

5. When the exercise can be done sitting, repeat the task standing and finally walking.