Vectogram Quoits


Purpose:  To build the binocular ability to compute space.

Materials:  Vectogram Quoit and Acuity Suppresion Chart set with holder, Polaroid glasses, reversible Polaroids and wire loop pointers.


Patient is instructed to:

1.  BUILD RANGE – Move negatives slowly across one another.  Build range within the limits of the scale.

2.  BUILD FLEXIBILITY  WITHIN THE RANGE – Using the reversible Polaroid cardboard lenses, look through top, then bottom half.  Work at low number on the scale at first (3 ,4, 5).  Build from there. 

3.  USE LOOP POINTERS IN ALL TECHNIQUES – Try to place one of both pointers in space where quoit is seen.  Thread quoit throught the loops.

4.  ALSO USE ACUITY SUPPRESSION CHART WITH THE QUOITS – Look back and forth from one to the other, as you move the quoit toward and away from you.

Aspects to be emphasized:

1.  Observe control marks.  They should not disappear in whole, or in part.

2.  Ability to see quoit single and clear, but in a different position in space as you look from upper to lower part of the reversible Polaroids.

3.  Ability to keep quoit single and clear when wire loops are introduced.

4.  Ability to shift easily from quoit to acuity suppression chart without loss of clarity of either and without loss of any line of letters on the chart.