Ball on String, Pursuits


Purpose: To develop smooth ocular pursuit ability under varying postural demands.

Materials:  Ball on string, balance board, two dowels or yardsticks.


1.  Have patient stand on balance board.  (Also walk about.)

2.  Suspend ball on string four to six feet in front of patient.

3.  Swing ball back and forth in front of patient, also diagonally, to and fro, and in circles.  Also raise and lower the ball while it is swinging.

4.  Patient is to follow the movement of the ball.  He should try to see detail on ball and maintain awareness of the rest of the room.

5.  Holding dowel in each, patient attempts to touch the bottom of the ball gently at varying positions (right, left, center of swing) with alternate hands.  Start dowel movement from the floor.

6.  Patient steps off balance board and moves about the room without losing fixation on the ball, even if he must look over his shoulder, or walk backwards.

Aspects to be emphasized:

1.  Ability to maintain constant visual fixation on moving ball while on balance board or moving about the room.

2.  Ability to tap gently and accurately the ball with either hand at varying locations on its trajectory.

3.  Ability to see detail on the ball while maintaining peripheral awareness of the room and its contents.