Reciprocal Pitch and Catch


Purpose: To develop awareness and control of visually directed body movement and spatial organization.

Materials:  Beanbag or small ball, basket or various targets.


1.  For right-handed person, start with left hand and right foot forward – right arm and left foot back.  Starting posture for the left-hander is just reversed.  The ball or beanbag is held in the right hand for the right-hander and left hand for the left-hander.

2.  Patient is to throw the ball (beanbag) underhand into a basket or other target.  Or, throw back and forth to home assistant.

3.  As the ball is thrown with the right hand, the left hand is thrust to the rear for counterbalance.

4.  The motion should involve a rotation from the hips.  Work to eliminate stiffness of body (shoulders, hips, arms).

5.  Now, the patient alternately throws with right and left hand.  Assume appropriate posture for each – see Step 1 above.

6.  He is to catch the ball with both hands.

7.  Have patient keep eye contact with you as the ball is thrown to him.  He does not look at the ball.  He should also try looking to the right and left.

Aspects to be emphasized:

1.  Easy, relaxed reciprocal movement of arms, shoulders and hips.

2.  Ability to catch, using peripheral vision (without looking directly at the ball).

3.  Ability to throw with each hand.