School Tracing Books 1 and 2



Purpose: To develop the eye-hand coordination and visual perception skills necessary for drawing and writing.

Materials:  Two red china marking pencils, School Tracing Books 1 and 2, a sheet of clear plastic for tracing.


1.  The clear plastic sheet is placed on the School Tracing Book page.  Do not trace directly upon the pages.

2.  The first tracing in Book 1 is to be done with both hands simultaneously.  All other tracing pages are to be done with the preferred hand.

3.  The instructions relative to seating, tracing surface slope, posture and pencil grip as described by your optometrist should be carefully followed.

4.  In Book 2, have the child verbalize the letters as he traces.

5.  Prepare tracing sheets of spelling words the child may have difficulty with.  Have the child spell out the words as each letter is traced and say the word upon completing the tracing.

Aspects to be emphasized:

1.  Relaxed, balanced posture and the Harmon distance should be maintained.

2.  Grip on pencil should be relaxed, and the eye-hand coordination should be free.

3.  Establish a left to right direction across the page.

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