Lift Off!

Happy to announce the launch of this new site! We’ve compiled hundreds of activities and video courses for you to watch if you wish (small annual fee) and hundreds more free articles to boost your understanding of human vision and how it impacts your own clinical work.

Sign up now to receive all new updates and new releases – no charge to sign up!

Tell your colleagues: is now back online, better than before.

Stay tuned to meet our new Author, world famous Vision Therapist, Robert Nurisio.

Welcome aboard!

Dr. B

4 thoughts on “Lift Off!

    1. That’s much appreciated, Amy. v2.0 of things will be improved, with a new voice in Robert Nurisio. I myself will be reviewing/editing a lot of my current material, updating, expanding. Happy to finally get to this revision of things and put more time into developing the activity set in particular. Always happy to hear from you! Be well. Dr. B

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