Mountain Climbing



Purpose:  To improve visual prediction of hand movement.

Materials:  Chalkboard, small toy car, small toy animal, or chalk


1.  Using the full length of the chalkboard, draw parallel lines in many varied directions.  Make hills and turns in all directions with sharp angles and gradual slopes intermingled.

2.  Start with the lines drawn about 4 inches apart.  As performance improves, draw the parallel lines closer together.

3.  Child is to move the car or animal (or draw the chalk) between the lines, avoiding contact with either of the parallel lines.

4.  Also, he walks the index and middle fingers between the lines.

5.  As toy or fingers move between the lines, identify change of direction by saying “up,” “down,” “right,” or “left.”

Aspects to be emphasized:

1.  Ability to control movement of toy or chalk between the guide lines without touching them.