Towel Tube Fusion


Purpose:  To stimulate fusion and enhance binocular vision

Materials:  Cardboard tubes of various diameters and approximately 12 inches long, red-green lenses (supplied)


Patient is instructed to:

1.  Place the red-green lenses before your eyes, alternating red on right and red on left.

2.  Hold two cardboard tubes up to the eyes, with two hand, like a pair of binoculars.

3.  Start with two dissimlar size tubes, the larger and the smaller, one in each hand.  Hold them up to each eye while sighting on a distant target.

4.  Move the tubes about until the two openings are seen all the time.

5.  When awareness of two different size openings is reported, slowly move the tubes tward one another unitl the smaller opening seems to be alongside or inside the larger opening.

6.  Explore various types of yoked and independent movements, such as to the right, to the left, outward, inward, up and down, and in arcs. Be aware of both openings at the same time.

7.  As you sight your two tubes on a distant target, be aware of the different color in each tube, also the change in color when the tubes seem to overlap each other.

8.  As skill improves, replace the larger tube with a smaller one and repeat.

9.  Keep reducing the size of the larger tube until both tubes are of equal diameter.

10.  Verbalize all color, size and space changes observed with the different and equal size tubes.  There are many observations, changes, likes and differences that may be noted, such as brightness, color, suppression, size, distance, color mixing, halo of larger around smaller circle, color overlap, etc.

11.  When the ability to see both circles at all times is experienced, remove the red-green lenses and repeat the above steps.

Aspects to be emphasized:

1.  Ability to maipulate all size tubes in any given direction.

2.  Awareness of both circles, without suppression.

3.  Ability to fuse the two circles into one.

4.  Awareness of changes in color, size, distance, brightness, etc.