Purpose:  Produce an inward awareness of the difference between upper body and lower body.

Materials: Different texture materials to lie upon, two occluders – one with a hole


Patient is instructed to:

1.  Lie on stomach with arms and legs extended and touching.

2.  Pretend there is a nail going through your lower back (at fifth dorsal), pinning you to the floor.

3.  With occluders on, now move upper trunk to right as far as it will go, then to left.  Repeat for one minute.

4.  Change occluders and repeat for one minute.

5.  Now move lower trunk to right and left as far as it will go – for one minute.

6. Change occluders and repeat for one minute.

7.  Do this three times a day.

Aspects to be emphasized:

1.  Make sure the supposed non-moving section is immobile.

2.  Look through the hole in the occluder

a.  at target in direction of the movement.

b.  at target straight ahead.