Reference Points in Space



Reference Points in Space

PURPOSE: To locate high, low and center areas in respect to the body



1. Child stands in erect posture.  Body should be relaxed, using minimum energy to maintain posture.  Neck and shoulders are loose, and arms should be hanging with fingers relaxed.

2. Observer looks at some point straight ahead at eye level.  Emphasize the meaning of “eye level” and “mid-line” of the body.

3. Child is to raise hands to sides, palms down.  Bring them forward in an arc movement and touch middle fingers at the place with seems to be at eye lvel and on the midline of the body.

4. Repeat with fingers touching above the fixation plane about the top of the head.

5. Repeat with palms up at waist level.


1. Maintain fixation throughout lesson.

2. Posture erect and relaxed.

3. Mid-plane of body is straight up and down.

4. Fingers meet accurately on midline at eye level.

5. Above eye level.

6. Below eye level.

7. Arms move freely.