Shapes Behind Back



Shapes Behind Back

PURPOSE: To develop the ability to visualize shape and orientation in space from tactile information

APPARATUS: Various shaped blocks (like parquetry blocks), plastic or wooden letters and numbers, chalkboard, or pencil and paper


1. Child is to stand before chalkboard with hands behind him.

2. Place a shape (block, letter or numeral) in his hands for him to feel, identify without looking at it, and draw what he feels on the chalkboard in as neraly the same size and shape as he can.

3. He is now to orient the shape in his hand, so that when he brings his hand around front to place the object on his drawing to verify size and shape, it will already be properly oriented in his hand.

4. Leave all his drawings on the chalkboard.  Place three or four of the objects in his hands.  Point out one of his drawings and ask him to identify that object among the several in his hands.


1. Ability to visualize from the sense of touch size, shape and orientation in space.