Peripheral Ball on String




Peripheral Ball on String

Purpose: To organize and manipulate large volumes of visual space

Apparatus: Ball on string, flashlight, balance board, metronome, objects in room will be used as targets


1. Patient is to face the ball on the string, standing on the balance board, which is placed about five feet from the ball.  A flashlight is held in his preferred hand.  The following steps 2, 3 and 4 are three different ways to do this activity.  Work on all three.

2. While patient looks at the rotating ball, the home assistant is to name objects in the room.  The patient is to locate the object peripherally, look at it and simultaneously shine the flashlight on it.  Then immediately look back at the rotating ball until the next object in the room is named.

3. While looking at the rotating ball, the patient is to shine the flashlight on objects in the room named by the home assistant.  The patient is to locate, aim and shine the light peripherally.  Do not look away from the moving ball.

4. The patient is to look from target to target around the room, as they are called out by the home assistant.  At the same time, the patient is to keep his flashlight shining on the rotating ball, without looking directly at it.

5. Switch the flashlight from one hand to the other occasionally during Steps 2, 3 and 4.

Aspects to be Emphasized:

1. Ability to maintain balance on balance board.

2. Ability to control eye fixations while performing on peripherally oriented tasks.

3. Awareness of the whole room.