Introduction to Learning and Vision Therapy: Principles Part V

Visual Impediments to Learning

The following is an article summarizing concerns with visual impediments to learning. The text was prepared by Dr. Charles Boulet (Education, Developmental Optometry) and Dr. Noëlla Piquette (PhD Psychology, Associate Professor, University of Lethbridge).

The paper outlines the nature of the problem, and how unchecked vision has far reaching consequences on learning, behaviour, and life outcomes. It also provides an extensive bibliography for further investigation.

Given the multi-faceted nature of visual function, there are many elements that can and will interfere with child development, learning, and behaviour. While vision is not always causal, it is often the case that underlying conditions will impact on visual function, or will be remediated through attention to visual function and process.


Paper: 2013_Visual_Impediments_to_Learning

See also, from Dr. Patrick Quaid: 2013_Quaid (2013) reading and vision

Aside: Reappraisal of the historical myopia epidemic in native Arctic communities opo.12879

Regarding how the near triad impacts on visual function following TBI – See also:

2018_Instability in Near Triad Following TBI

and 2019_Instability of the visual near triad in traumatic brain injury—


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