Pie Tin Rotations



Pie Tin Rotations

Purpose: To help develop freedoms in eye, hand and arm movement patterns and to increase the accuracy of eye movement control

Apparatus: Round and square pie tins or cake pans and various size and weight balls, such as beads, ping-pong ball, golf ball, glass marble or ball bearing


Patient is instructed to:

1. Place a marble in a pie tin.  Holding the pan between both hands, roll the marble around in the pan.  Keep looking at the marble.  Follow it accurately with your eyes.

2. Reverse the direction of the marble every five rotations.  Also vary the speed of the marble.  See how fast it can be rolled and not spilled out, and how slowly it can be rolled without cutting corners across the  pan.

3. Hold the pan in various positions, that is to the right, left, closer, further, higher, lower, etc.  Continue to control movement of the ball or marble while maintaining visual fixation on it in these various positions.

4. Try to use various size and weight balls and marbles.  Feel the difference in controlling their movement as you change from one to another.

5. Now rotate the pie tin in a circle with your arms, while rolling the marble (or ball) with your wrists.  Keep your eye on the marble.  Try rotating the pie tin in vertical circles, horizontal circles, etc., while controlling the movement of the marble.

6. Use various shape pans when available, such as a square cake pan. Be sure to hold a square pan two ways:

a. by opposite sides for a square feeling, and

b. diagonal corners for oblique or diamond feeling.

7. As ability increases repeat this activity on the balance board, and while walking.

Aspects to be Emphasized:

1. Control of rotation of wrists.

2. Awareness of the differences in rotation control when pan is held in various positions.

3. To accurately follow rotation of ball/marble.

4. Awareness of the differences when using various weight and size balls.