Penny Drop


Purpose:  To develop accuracy of eye-hand coordination and prediction of location in space.

Materials:  Cups and containers of various sizes, a penny, a clicker (cricket)


1.  The patient stands, facing the home assistant, holding a penny in preferred hand.  The penny should be grasped tightly between thumb and forefinger.

2.  Home assistant holds the container with one hand,  and the cricket out of sight in the other hand.

3.  The container is continuously moved in all directions within reach of the patient.

4.  The patient is to keep the penny directly above the container as it is moved.

5.  At the sound of the cricket, the patient is to release the penny immediately.

6.  It the penny misses the container, repeat the procedure with the same hand until the penny falls into it.

7.  Alternate hands after each success.

8.  As progress is observed use progressively smaller containers; and increase the distance between the penny and the container.

9.  Repeat this procedure, lightly holding the penny between the forefingers of the two hands.

Aspects to be emphasized:

1.  Accuracy of the penny drop into small containers.

2.  Immediacy of release of the penny with the sound of the cricket.