Loose Lens Rock – Monocular




Loose Lens Rock – Monocular

Purpose: To enhance space information processing

Apparatus: A loose lens, an occluder (both provided)


Patient is instructed as follows:


1. Hold lens at arm’s length and look at image in the lens.

2. Move it closer until image in lens is blurry.  The image will not blur for everyone.  For those who do experience blur, attempt to clear it and then continue to move it closer as it clears.

3. Maintain simultaneous awareness of SPACE in and out of the lens.

4. Compare the image in the lens with the real target across the room.  Which one is larger?  Which one is closer to the patient?  Can the patient change which one is closer and make the other one closer?

5. Repeat for each eye.


1. Hold loose lens against glasses (or close to eye) in such a position that the distance object appears double.  Lens should remain close enough to touch nose.

2. Attempt to clear each while maintaining simulataneous awareness of both.

3. Be aware of space, size and localization differences of the image in the lens and the real image across the room.

4. Repeat for each eye.

Aspects to be Emphasized:

1. Able to see SPACE in lens reduced in all three dimensions–smaller in vertical, horizontal and near-far direction.  Help patient discover the difference by pointing with his hand and yours at where the image in the lens appears to be.

2. Able to maintain simultaneous awareness of the real target and the image in the lens while standing and moving about.

3. Able to see image in the lens as being closer than object outside of the lens.  Able to reverse it so that the image in the lens is farther away than the object outside of the lens.