Loose Lens Rock – Binocular




Loose Lens Rock – Binocular

Purpose: To enhance simultaneous binocular information

Apparatus: A loose lens (provided)


Instruct subject as follows:


1. Sight a distant target.  Hold lens at arm’s length.  While continuing to look at distant target, become aware of 2 lenses in hand and the image of the distant target in each one of the lenses.  In order to accomplish this, patient must look over the top of the lens, not through it.  It must be held directly on midline.  If difficulty is encountered in seeing the two lenses, bring the lens closer to the patient.

2. Line it up so that the far target is centered between the two near targets (one in each lens).

3. Maintain awareness of all 3 targets.

4. Look at the left image (right eye image).  Look at the right image (left eye image).  Try to clear each and still be aware of the other two.  Patient must continue to look into the distance in order to do this.  If the patient looks at the lens directly, they will lose the double image in the near area.

5. Observe size and space differences between the lens images and the real distant target.  Compare the space volume seen within the right and left lens and the room itself.

6. Line up both the left image with the far target and still maintain awareness of the all three images and the spaces simultaneously.  Repeat for the right lens.

7. Look into the lens in hand.  At this point only one lens and one target in the lens should be seen.  However, the distant target should now be double.  Again be aware of all three targets simultaneously (one in the lens and 2 in the distance).

8. Be aware of the space, size and localization.

9. Move lens closer and repeat above.


1. Hold lens at arm’s length.  Look at target in lens.  Be aware of double image of target on each side of lens.

2. Slowly, but continuously, move lens toward nose.

3. Be aware of size, distance and other spatial changes seen through the lens as it is moved inward.

4. When lens is about 6″ form nose, drop lens to side and repeat again starting at arm’s length.

Aspects to be Emphasized:

1. Able to see SPACE in lens reduced in all three dimensions–smaller in vertical, horizontal, and near-far direction.

2. Able to maintain simultaneous awareness of the real target and the image in the lens.

3. When able to do this standing, and while moving about.