Large Field Luster




Large Field Luster

Purpose: To develop gross peripheral binocularity

Apparatus: Large white wall, red-green glasses


Instruct patient:

1. While wearing the red-green glasses look at a large, empty, well-lighted wall.

2. Attempt to achieve a blending or mixture (lustre) of the two colors throughout the wall.

3. If this is difficult to achieve, repeat with training lenses (high plus) to blur all detail.

4. When able to attain lustre while looking straight ahead, try to maintain it while looking in various directions, and while moving about.

5. Eventually, repeat the procedure with small translucent areas, such as a tissue-covered flashlight.

Aspects to be Emphasized:

1. Awareness of color mixing.

2. Ability to maintain color mixing in various ocular postures, while moving at various distances.

3. Ability to handle small central field color mixing.