Telephone Book Visualization



Telephone Book Visualization

PURPOSE: To improve ability to visualize and to increase range of identification

APPARATUS: Telephone book


Instruct child:

1. Look at a telephone number.

2. Close your eyes, still holding the phone book.

3. Open your eyes.  Are you still looking at the same number, or do you have to shift fixation?

4. Look again.  Close your eyes and try to picture the number in your mind’s eye.

5. Now open your eyes and see if it looks the way you thought it did.

6. Attempt to see the first three digits of the telephone number as a unit with eyes closed, then the last four numbers and finally all seven numbers simultaneously.

7. Attempt to read the numbers forward and backward as they are seen in the mind’s eye, with eyes closed (visualized).

8. With training lenses on, hold telephone book at a distance where it just begins to blur.

9. Look at number, close eyes and see number clearly in your mind’s eye.

10. When clear, open eyes to reaffirm that it is clear.

11. As the number clears with eyes open, move the book further away again until the number is again slightly blurred.  Repeat the clearing procedure.


1. Ability to see the number in exact position without shifting fixation when eyes are opened.

2. Ability to visualize the telephone number in its three and four digit groupings (eyes closed).

3. Ability to read the number forward or backward (eyes closed).

4. Ability to see the number clearly with eyes closed after viewing it slightly blurred with eyes open.