Straw Piercing


Purpose:  To extend ranges of eye-hand localization in the near area.

Materials:  Drinking straw, 2 pointers or pick-up sticks, balance board


1.  Home assistant is to hold a straw in front of the patient.

2.  Patient will have two pick-up sticks or pencils, one in each hand.

3.  Patient is to reach out and attempt to pierce the two ends of the straw simultaneously – one end with each hand.

4.  Both eyes to be open – use no occluder.

5.  Shift straw to different areas of gaze, and repeat.

6.  Stand on balance board.

Aspects to be emphasized:

1.  Simultaneous accurate piercing of both ends of straw when looking at center of straw, or when quickly looking from one end to the other.

2.  Easy balance on balance board.