Stickman Figures


Stickman Figures

Stickman Figures are a series of simple drawings with a simple premise: Identify the hand that is holding the object. The directions are very simple and this drill is extremely useful with children who are having difficulty applying physical awareness of left/right to the paper/conceptual equivalent.

Procedure: Print off or preview the attached document. Read the instructions. Select an image and have the child identify in which hand the object is being held.



VISUAL SPATIAL III – Directionality 2

PURPOSE: To develop your child’s ability to identify right and left on another

person while that person is engaged in a variety of activities.

PROCEDURE: Have your child sit with the following stickman diagrams placed on

a table. Your child is to determine and call out which hand of the stick figure is

wearing a mitten. The stickman with a face “☺” is facing you. The stickman without

a face “O” is facing away from you.