Hart Chart

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There are a number of ways to approach using Hart Charts and a few will be described here. Feel free to add your own variations on the themes described.

PURPOSE: To develop the ability to use an organized and structured search pattern to find a particular figure.

Procedure 1: Place the chart on a wall at eye level & stand about 10 feet away. Call out the first letter and the last letter of each line until you reach the bottom. Then return to the top line and call out the second letter and the second-to-last letter of each line. Return to the top line and call out the third letter and the third-to-last letter of each line. Continue this pattern until all letters on the chart have been read. Be sure to monitor for accuracy, rhythmic tempo, and no head movements.

Load this activity using the metronome, starting more slowly at around 50 bmp if necessary, then gradually building speed by 10 bpm. The child should feel very comfortable with one speed before trying a faster pace. It is neither recommended nor required that you use the metronome for all sessions.