Piercing a Ring



Piercing a Ring

Purpose: To develop a match between visual and kinesthetic directionality

Apparatus: Piece of wire with a 1/2″ diameter loop at one end, pointer or pencil, balance board


1. Patient should stand on a balance board with feet spread and with good posture.

2. Hold the loop in vertical position two feet in front of the patient.

3. Starting with hand at side, patient is to raise pointer to side of face, and thrust it in one continuous movement through the ring.

4. Shift the ring to all areas (to the right, left, up, down, nearer and farther) within the arm’s length.

5. Have patient drop hand to side after piercing the ring.  Patient may use whichever hand is closer to the ring.  Be sure to use non-preferred hand some of the time.

6. DO NOT MOVE HEAD–head must be fixed.

7. Also, hold ring in horizontal position in front of patient (the ring opening parallel to the floor).

8. Patient is to move pointer out until it is several inches directly above or below the ring, and then move it straight up or down to pierce the ring.

Aspects to be Emphasized:

1. Smoothness and accuracy of pointer thrust for vertical and horizontal ring position.

2. Think about matching movement of hand and arm to match the visual prediction of the ring location in space, prior to thrust of pointer.

3. Proficiency in all reachable areas without head movement.

4. Ability to maintain balance on balance board.