Rhythmic Letter Reading



Rhythmic Letter Reading

Purpose: To develop rhythmic visual-verbal matching in context with an auditory beat

Apparatus: Letter charts (supplied), metronome


1. The letter chart should be far enough from the patient to be just readable.

2. Patient reads the letters from left to right, and from top row to the bottom row–one letter per beat, without stopping or hesitating.

3. If the rhythm is broken, he must start again with the first letter on that row.

4. When skillful in reading letters in horizontal rows, ask patient to read letters in vertical rows.

5. Start with the metronome set at 60 beats per minute.  The task can be made more difficult by speeding up the metronome.

6. Vary the activity by placing the letter chart within arm’s length.  Patient is to touch and name each letter in time with the beat, as described above.

7. Also point and name, without touching.

Aspects to be Emphasized:

1. Ability to identify the letters accurately without losing place.

2. Ability to stay on the beat.

3. When difficulty in keeping rhythm is experienced, stand behind the child and tap his shoulder in time with the metronome.