Download: 222 Memory

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Start by downloading and printing the sheet above. You can preview it instead if you like by clicking on the ‘eye’ icon. Have a look at the links provided as well. There are many memory games available online and in toy stores and book stores. Try to emphasize memory games with spatial-motor elements to them, such as tying knots, building games, ‘cat’s cradle’, and so on. These are preferred to simply playing video games or picture memory games.

Attached are the instructions for your garden variety game of ‘memory’ using a standard deck of 52 cards. Start with this, but you can also find similar card games in toy stores. Start with 4 cards if you have to, then work up to grids of 5×5 or larger. Use two decks if need be. This can be played anywhere and for any length of time, and is easy to just throw in as a nice distraction here and there during the day.

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