Horse in the Barn



Horse in the Barn

PURPOSE: To improve ability to visualize

APPARATUS: Chalkboard; paper (8 1/2″ x 11″) and pencil


1. Make a simple schematic drawing of a barn, a horse in a pasture with a gate and some obstacles between the horse in the pasture and the barn.  The obstacles could be a pond, a hill, a big rock, a fence, a building, etc.

2. The patient is to view the drawing, place his chalk on the horse, and with eyes closed, draw his chalk out of the pasture and into the barn, avoiding the obstacles.

3. Increase the difficulty of the task as skill increases.

4. The game may be played with paper and pencil in the same manner described for use at the chalkboard.


1. Accuracy in visualizing the path to be followed.

2. Ability to handle the task at the gross level on the chalkboard, and at the more discrete level on paper.