Jensen Rock


Purpose: To develop accuracy of focusing (accommodation) and localization in each eye when looking from near to far.

Equipment/Material: The nearpoint target should be two cards with identical reading material on each. The reading material can be simple or complex depending on the reading level of the child. Otherwise, letters and/or number are sufficient. So long as they are between 10 pt and 18 pt font in size. Use one of the letter charts as your distance target; this should be placed on a wall at a distance that makes the letter only just readable.


  1. 1. Child holds a nearpoint target in each hand. The print should be facing the child.
  2. 2. Child should:
    1. A. Cover the left eye with the left hand card and look at the near target held in the right hand at arm’s length.
    2. B. Slowly bring the nearpoint target from arm’s length to about 6 inches from the right eye (or until it begins to blur).
    3. C. Wait until the target clears (becomes clear) and then bring it even closer until the child can no longer clear it.
    4. D. Then, suddenly cover the right eye with the right hand card and look to the far target with the left eye, reading the first three or four letters on the top line.
    5. E. After reading the designated letters on the far target with the left eye, raise the reading card in the left hand. Begin to read where the right eye stopped, slowly moving the card slowly closer to the left eye, as had been done previously with the right eye.
    6. F. Now cover the left eye, uncovering the right. Read the first three or four letters on the second line on the letter chart, picking up the sequence where the left eye stopped.
  3. 3. Continue this sequencing at far and near for each eye.

Aspects to emphasize:

  • • Work toward instantaneous clearing of both the far and the near targets – no interval of blur when looking from one to another.
  • • Ability to sequence verbally two, three, four, or five letters.
  • • Ability to function equally well between the left and right eyes.
  • • Ability to see letter groupings of 2 – 5 letters.
  • • Ability to maintain fixation and focus on the distance and near targets.