Front To Rear Fixations



Front To Rear Fixations

Purpose: To pattern visual, auditory and movement factors in a rhythmic, directional and spatial match

Apparatus: Two flashlights (A metronome is desirable.  Use music or tapping as alternative.)


1. Subject stands in the middle of the room.

2. One target is selected directly in front and two targets behind, about four feet apart–one to the rear right, the other to the rear left.

3. Set the metronome for 60 beats per minute.

4. On each beat, subject looks from one target to the next in the following sequence: front, rear right, front, rear left, front, etc.

5. He is to turn from ankles up, keeping feet firmly placed on the floor.

6. Now, have him shine both flashlights on front target, right hand light on the rear right, and left hand light on the rear left as he looks at each target in time with the rhythm of the beat.  Have him reach, arms outstretched.

7. Try to find different patterns to shine the lights on the targets.  It is desirable to encourage the patient to discover new ways for himself.

Aspects to be Emphasized:

1. The accuracy of the light on the target.

2. The freedom and full reach of arm movement.

3. Especially note that both lights strike front target.

4. The freedom of body rotation.

5. The timing and rhythm of movement with the auditory beat.

6. Exploring new patterns to do it.