Four Corner Fixations



Four Corner Fixations

Purpose: To develop accuracy in eye-aiming skills and to pattern visual auditory and movement factors with spatial matching

Apparatus: Four corners of a wall, target centered on same wall, metronome, balance board, two flashlights, occluder


1. Patient stands in proper posture approximately six feet from a target centered on a wall.

2. Look at the centered wall target for four beat, and then at a corner of the room for four beats.  Next switch back to the center target and then on to the next corner for four beat each.  Continue this sequence of corner to corner, to corner, etc., moving around the four corners in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions.

3. Count the following cadence out loud to a four-beat rhythm, sometimes saying the numbers, and sometimes the words.

a. LOOK – look directly at the target.

b. POINT – point directly at the target with one hand.

c. DOWN – put your hand back down at your side.

d. HOLD – keep your eye fixated on the target.

4. Do this for two minutes with each eye.  Alternate using the right hand, to the left hand, to pointing with both hands.

5. Repeat, using flashlights–in one hand, in both hands–add the balance board as more challenge is desired.

Aspects to be Emphasized:

1. Ability to hold a steady fixation for the full measure of beats.

2. Ability to follow the above sequence in rhythm.

3. Ability to match what you are saying with what you are doing.

4. Ability to hold your body straight and keep your head still–on or off the balance board.

5. Ability to perform the above sequences in a relaxed, easy manner.