Form Recognition Fields



214 Form Recognition Fields

Purpose: To expand the amount of visual information available for immediate comprehension. To expand visual peripheral awareness.

Procedure: Print off the ‘Form Recognition Field Chart’. Have the client hold the chart approximately one foot from her eyes. Posture should be relaxed and easy, and the body should be still and free from all extraneous movement.

*Client should look at the small letter ‘V’ in the centre of the page. Tell her to identify/recognize the first four letters around the ‘V’ without looking away from the letter ‘V’. Name the four letters. She is to be made aware of the strong tendency for her eyes to look away from the V toward the surrounding letter, but IS NOT TO LOOK AWAY FROM THE V.

*Now she can start concentrating on seeing the next four letters while still looking at the V. Name them.

*Repeat this procedure until each block of four letters can be recognized and named in this manner.

*Now return the client’s attention tot he first four letters around the V and attempt to have her see them simultaneously – all at once – as a block of four ‘corners of a square’. Be alert to the tendency for one or another of the letters to ‘fade’ – encourage the client to keep all letters equally ‘visible’ while always fixating the V in the centre.

*Repeat the procedure with each block of four letter until all letters can be seen simultaneously.


*Always maintain fixation on the central V.

*Load this exercise by moving the card forward and back while maintaining awareness of a block of four letters.

214 Form Recognition Fields

215 Form Recognition Field Chart