Foot Parquetry



Foot Parquetry

Purpose: To use visual motor patterns in a unique manner, requiring concentration and attention

Apparatus: A set of parquetry blocks and box, chair which allows individual to touch the floor easily with his feet


1. Blocks are to be scattered in a small area in front of the patient.

2. Box is to be placed in varying locations withing reach of the patient;s feet (right, left, closer and further).

3. Patient is to remove shoes and socks and attempt to place blocks into box in a planned pattern, using only his feet.  Neither blocks nor box are to be touched with the hand.

4. Patient should remain seated while working, but may change his position on the chair.

5. Effort should be made to use each foot individually and both feet together to pick up and move pieces.

Aspects to be Emphasized:

1. Foot and block movements should be visually planned and not at random.

2. Each foot should be used with equal facility.