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 The Power of eyeQ – testimonials-

EyeQ is a very useful set of computer-based exercises, delivered at your location, that will assist clients in developing three main areas:

1) Eye movement control and peripheral awareness.

2) Reading capacity/speed.

3) Reading comprehension.

There are also a number of other useful tools to build visual strength and accuracy of signal acquisition. Please feel free to explore the EyeQ site. But remember: Only the one actually doing therapy should ever do the therapeutic exercises. Your doctor will be monitoring progress on EyeQ from a remote location and cannot know for sure who is doing the exercises. Doctors rely on accuracy and validity of data to make therapeutic choices.

Warning: If you feel your eyes are too tired or if you are feeling faint, dizzy, or have a headache, take a break. You may want to work with EyeQ only ever other day to begin with, then try every day.

Watch this video to learn more: