Egg Box Toss

Preview or print the attached document. This is a fun game that strengthens visual motor skills, self-control, bilateral integration and balance. This game is best played with heavier coins, marbles, or steel ball bearings.

Try loading this activity with a metronome. Begin with a slower rate such as 60 bpm, then gradually increase the rate by 10 bpm. The child must hop the object from one well to the next on the beat. You can also have egg box races where you and the child race. Have the child use both hands, then the dominant hand, then the non-dominant hand. Finally, you can try adding additional objects to open wells; so, for example, you might start with single objects in adjacent wells and have the child hop them both together to the next pair of wells.

Try doing some exercises with the dominant hand, then the non-dominant hand.

I also recommend you get the child to do the exercise at different arm positions: straight out front, pulled in closer to the chest/belly, arm out to the side, slightly elevated, slightly lowered.


PURPOSE: To develop discrete eye-hand skill with visual space predicton

APPARATUS: Half an egg box and a wooden disc (supplied)


Patient is to:

1. Hold egg box in both hands, with wooden disc placed in one of the egg wells.

2. The disc is to be tossed from one well or compartment to another.

3. Once control is developed, each well should be numbered.  The disc is then to be tossed, predictively, from one well to the next, as the home assistant calls out the numbers in various sequences.


1. Accuracy in control of disc toss from one well to the next.

2. Patient should stand in erect, relaxed posture, and remain aware of the rest of the room.

3. When proficient, repeat the activity, holding the egg box in various positions (to the right, left, lower, etc.).