Double String Fixations



Double String Fixations

Purpose: To develop binocular space organization and awareness during ocular saccadic activity

Apparatus: Two lengths of string, three feet long; two buttons or beads to be placed on the strings; metronome


1. Attach one end of each string to the wall about one foot apart and about six inches below eye level.

2. Thread or tie a button or bead to each string.  Position the bead so it will be about two feet from the wall when the string is attached.

3. The loose ends of the two strings are to be held taut by patient between thumb and forefinger and up to the nose.

4. At command, have patient look from point of attachment of left string at wall, to the right one, to the bead on the left, to the bead on the right and back to the left string at the wall.  Vary the sequence from time to time.

5. Use a metronome, or by some other means produce a steady rhythm or beat.  The activity should also be done out of rhythm as well.

6. Patient should be aware of a “V” when looking at the end of either string and an “X” when looking at the button or bead.

7. The activity can be further varied by changing the positions of the two beads.  For example, place one closer than the other by about six inches and repeat the procedure.

Aspects to be Emphasized:

1. Ability to look accurately and quickly on both rhythmic commands.

2. Strings should form a “V” when looking at the wall, an “X” when looking at the beads.

3. Maintain awareness of the rest of the room and your own body posture.  Posture should be relaxed and balanced.

4. When looking at any one of the four fixation points, maintain awareness of the other three.