Baseball Fixations



Baseball Fixations

Purpose: To develop freedoms between visual, auditory and speech communications patterns

Apparatus: Number patterns on chalkboard or 3″ x 5″ index cards on wall, balance board


1. Arrange numbers in one of the following patterns.  Vary from one pattern to the other.  Also create other patterns.  Use a four to six foot area.

1 2 3          12

2 5 6   or   5 6

7 8 9          3 4

2. Patient is to stand facing the numbers approximately eight feet away.  Balance board may be used as performance improves.

3. One eye is covered.

4. Instruct patient to look at number one and at the proper command, such as “Simon says look at number two,” he is to look at number two.  If any other command is given, he must NOT look away from number one.  He must get from number one to number nine in sequence.  He may not skip a number even if “Simon says.”

5. If patient looks to the next number at any other than at the proper command, this constitutes one out for that eye and he returns to number one.

6. It is permissible to try to fool patient into looking away from the number.

7. If patient makes the trip from one to nine without outs, it constitutes one run for that eye.

8. Play the right eye against the left eye and keep score.

Aspect to be Emphasized:

1. Ability to maintain fixation while listening to instructions even when being given while the home assistant is moving about the room.

2. Ability to maintain fixation when improper instructions are given.

3. Ability to maintain fixation when defending actions against incorrect rulings.