Disc Piercing Near Area Eye Hand



Disc Piercing – Near Area – Eye-Hand

Purpose: To develop eye-hand prediction of localization in near space

Apparatus: Cardboard disc with 1″ hole in center, balance board, occluder


Patient is to:

1. Stand on the balance board with left eye covered, facing the suspended disc.

2. Start with your hand next to your ear with your first finger pointing toward the disc.  Try to match feeling of predicted movement of hand to disc with the looking direction of the disc.

3. Then, in one swift continuous motion with no corrections, thrust your hand forward so that the tip of your finger just enters the hole in the disc.  Think of trying to match the thrust movement with the looking at the disc.

4. You should then be able to wiggle your fingertip and touch the sides of the hole.

5. When you can do this well, bring your finger in from your side, starting with your arm extended outward.

6. Next, do it from directly overhead, palm down.

7. Then do it from waist height, or lower, palm up.

8. Repeat, using left hand.  It is not expected that the non-dominant hand will do as well as the dominant, but the predictive experience and awareness of process is desirable.

9. Repeat, using left eye, as above.

10. When you can do this well, start the disc swinging from side to side and repeat all of the steps.  Be sure that you hit the disc when it is in a different place in its swing each time –not always directly in front of you.  Use variety.  Every time you become proficient, move to a different position and start again.

Aspect to be Emphasized:

1. Ability to stop fingertip right at the hole in the disc, without hitting the disc or projecting finger through the hole.

2. Movement is rapid continuous motion, with no corrections once thrust is begun.

3. Match the looking direction (eyes) with the kinesthetic or feeling direction (hand) predictively, prior to the thrust.  Think about it, then do it.