Directional Triangles

Directional Triangles

Purpose: To distinguish between right versus left orientations of objects in space. To develop automaticity in identification of laterality. To develop visual motor integration with both dominant and non-dominant hands.


  • Print a copy of the worksheet: Directional Triangle
  • Have the client touch the first triangle on the left in the first row in the top portion of the worksheet with the index finger of one hand while touching the corresponding triangle in the bottom of the page.
  • While doing this the client will call out the direction of the triangle (left, right, up, down). Proceed this way with all triangles in a left-right, top-down, fashion.
  • When all triangles have been completed, then switch hands and repeat the exercise; so, if the left hand is pointing to the triangles in the top of the page to start, then the left hand will be used to identify the corresponding triangle in the bottom of the page on the second go around.


*Load this activity by slowly increasing the speed with a metronome. Always begin at a rate that is reasonably easy, then build up the pace.