Cues and Comprehension


Cues and Comprehension

PURPOSE: To improve speed in word recognition and meaning and accuracy

APPARATUS: “Cues and Comprehension” workbook, which is provided, pencil and red-green glasses.


1. Read the directions on the inside cover of “Cues and Comprehension.”

2. The patient should be seated comfortably and with good lighting.

3. In these “find-the-word” exercises, patient should first read the sentences in bold type.

4. Then he finds and circles each word of the sentence, in the correct sequence, in the three lines of words just below.

5. On each page, record the time for completion in the space provided.

6. On several pages, sentences with missing words will be found.  Have patient complete the sentence.

7. Record which eye used the green lens.  The eye behind the green lens is the one that will see the red print.  Record GR for green on right eye and GL for green on left eye.

8. Unless otherwise instructed, do one page with green on right eye, one page with green on left eye and one page without the red-green glasses.

Aspects to be Emphasized

1. Maintain good posture, proper reading distance and no head tilting.

2. Equal completion time for GR, GL and without R-G glasses.