Angels in the Snow


Introduction: This activity is simple and effective and reinforces or introduces left-right awareness and bilateral control. If you feel this activity is too simple for your client/child, consider a different exercise, but it is sometimes best to prove that it is too simple before discarding it.

Materials: Mat, rug. Long pointer like a broomstick or yardstick.



1.  Have child lie on back on the floor, hand at sides and feet together.

2. Using the pointer, name, reach towards and touch body parts in the following order:

a. First – One arm or one leg.

b. Second – Both arms or both legs.

c. Third – Arm and leg on same side.

d. Fourth – Arm and leg on opposite sides.

3.  Say the name of the limb as you touch it (‘left leg, right arm’) and have the child repeat this.

4.  The limbs NOT named should remain perfectly immobile.

5.  Upon contact, the child should move the appropriate limb(s) smoothly along the floor, to and fro, as though to create an ‘angel in the snow’.

6.  The child should look in the direction of the movement (at the hand/foot) of the limbs and feel the action. Have him pay attention to how this feels as he looks. (Obviously, the head will have to alternate between left and right turns to look at limbs on opposing sides of the body.)

7.  After perhaps 6- 10 movement cycles, have the child stop. Repeat with the next combination of limbs.

8.  Try to reduce the number of clues given:

a. First, name and point to the part but do NOT touch.

b. Then name the part, but do not touch or point

Aspects to emphasize:

Ability to:

1. immobilize as well mobilize appropriate limbs.

2. organize appropriate movement with decreasing clues

3. maintain eye contact on the action.