Combined Saccadic and Pursuit Fixations


Purpose:  To develop an efficient interplay between central and peripheral visual localization abilities.

Materials:  Two small fixation targets (such as a pen and pencil), balance board, septum (shirt cardboard)


1.  Patient is to stand in easy balance on the floor.  As performance improves, use the balance board.

2.  Patient holds the septum on midline between his two eyes.

3.  Home assistant stands facing patient, holding the two targets about two feet in front of patient, one before each eye.

4.  The assistant is to keep both targets moving slowly in all manner of directions, yoked, opposite and random.

5.  Patient is to look quickly and accurately from one moving target to the other at home assistant’s command.

6.  Make the commands in two ways:

a.  Rhythmic, as to the beat of a metronome

b.  Out of rhythm

Aspects to be emphasized:

1.  Accuracy of fixation, and awareness of the other (peripheral) target.

2.  Awareness of the rest of the room.

3.  Relaxed balance on balance board.

4.  Ability to handle rhythmic and arhythmic auditory instruction.