Clapping Games

Purpose: To develop rhythm, bilateral integration, and laterality awareness.

Materials: Two simple chairs or stools. Metronome, music.


Child and therapist sit erect, facing one another. Rest hands on knees, palms down. Set a beat on the metronome (a song can also be used). The the beat, do the following:

1. Tap right knee with right hand.

2. Tap left knee with left hand.

3. Tap left foot on floor.

4. Tap right foot on floor.

Continue around, naming parts used when the child is able, such as ‘right, left, left, right’ in the sequence above.

Reverse direction every two or three times around, but in a predictable and predetermined fashion; challenge the child but do not TRY to trip him up.

Tap two times, three times, etc., on knees and floor, or two times on knees and three times of floor or any combination of times to make things more complicated and advance skills along.

Try having the child set the pattern and pace so that the therapist must follow.

Use your own unique combinations and rhythms.

See the following for more examples: